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Owner's Site (Global e-Service)

Owner's Site (Global e-Service)

The Owner's Site provides options for Remote Sensing, which allows machine operating information to be verified remotely, and downloads for various manuals and other references.
With various types of information available when they are needed, customers can be assured of a full range of support.

HSC Crane Monitoring System "Remote Sensing"

Check operating information of cranes with the "HSC Owner's Site" in Global e-Service.
To use this site, customers must sign up for an account in advance by agreeing to the terms of service.

Every aspect of crane operation

Ever wondered how, when and where a customer's crane might be working? HSC's Remote Sensing crane monitoring system allows precise information on machine operation to be checked easily at the office. Daily work records are useful for maintaining safe and efficient operations. In addition to checking the latest crane operation, Remote Sensing also allows browsing of past crane operation.


Precise updates on worksites (up to 20)! Check up on worksites in an instant!

Acquire operating conditions and fuel consumption data easily! Effortlessly check operation!

Comprehensive checkups of machine conditions

Maintain optimal machine operating conditions. Remote Sensing allows information to be shared with customers, with data on inspection and maintenance in line with operating times able to be notified at the optimum timing. Taking care of preventative maintenance and management helps avoid sudden machine downtime and provides quick servicing and troubleshooting.


Check up on oil and filter replacement intervals for periodic inspection!

Quick response to servicing with accurate information!