Sumitomo Heavy Industries Construction Cranes Co., Ltd.

Message from the President

President Kazuhisa Ishida

Ideas expressed by “HSC”
make everyone smile

President Kazuhisa Ishida

The name HSC is indicative of our inherent

H for High-quality Exceptional quality everywhere S for Satisfaction Continually and consistently meeting customer needs C for Confidence Further reinforcing relationships of trust

Armed with these three key phrases.


“HSC” demonstrates high quality, satisfaction and confidence.

With these words at heart, HSC will move forward
so that our customers, clients and others with whom we are involved,
as well as we, the employees, can smile.

Our products are used to create a foundation for living
that is needed to realize an affluent society.

We will provide products that are safer, more convenient and more satisfying
to our customers than ever before.
And we will continue to strengthen our bonds
with our customers, clients and everyone else.

This is our mission and pleasure.

We hope everyone expects our growth today and into the future.

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