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Further, Higher. New 275 t

Building a better society for all, helping to make tomorrow brighter.
To achieve such objectives, HSC embarked on development of the 275 t class 
crawler crane by endowing it with performance to meet a new day and age.
Power and precision were of course elements deemed essential for reliable work,
but HSC went above and beyond to incorporate additional features: better assembly to boost work efficiency; pioneering fuel efficiency and eco-friendly design; and safety and comfort for both crane operators and site operations.
The new SCX2800A-3 delivers a superior level of performance in a more user-friendly package - all for building a better tomorrow. And with time-tested quality and sophisticated capability, the new SCX2800A-3 is all about reaching for higher goals around the world.



Max. lifting load×Working radius 275 t × 4.3 m 
Boom length 15.2 - 91.4 m 
Crane jib length 12.2 - 36.5 m 
Boom + crane jib length 70.1 + 36.5 m 

Luffing Towercrane

Max. lifting load×Working radius 80 t × 9.3 m 
Tower length 21.3 - 60.9 m 
Tower jib length 21.3 - 60.9 m 
Tower + jib length 60.9 + 60.9 m